G W E N D O L E N   S T O R Y :

Anna Snowdon’s love of pattern and colour was inspired by her grandmother, Gwendolen.

In 2006, Anna launched ‘Gwendolen’ with the design and manufacture of paper products, supplying the likes of Liberty, Heal’s, SCP and Whole foods.

2012 sees the exciting, inevitable progression into designing patterns for textiles with the launch of Gwendolen Cushions.

Anna develops Gwendolen patterns from her design studio in Dalston, London. She is inspired by a vast array of influences; patterns found in nature; the colours of Euan Uglo’s paintings; the graphics and typography of the Wiener Werkstätte.

Working closely with a Suffolk weaving Mill, Gwendolen patterns are woven in England into beautiful, bold jacquard fabrics, using unique blends of cotton, wool, linen, viscose and flax. Through the application of a heightened colour palette to a traditional weaving technique Gwendolen successfully creates unique, modern textiles with design longevity. The woven jacquard fabric is then made into cushions in Lancashire, England.

Gwendolen cushions are available to buy from our online shop. The cushions will also be available in Hub (Stoke Newington and Broadway Market) from the beginning of August 2012: www.hubshop.co.uk